Harrisburg Community Information

Harrisburg rests in Cabarrus County. Along with Harrisburg, the cities of Cabarrus are its county seat, Concord, part of Kannapolis, Mount Pleasant and Midland. Encompassing the central part of North Carolina, Cabarrus’ landscape is made up of rolling hills and green fields. Rocky River runs through the county, contributing to old and new tree growth, and towns still follow its current where they were settled along the bank centuries ago. Cabarrus’ plentiful waterways and fertile soil make agriculture a continued attribute of the area’s economy. Farmland still abounds today, making for scenic drives along Cabarrus’ roadways.

The county was settled by mostly Scotch/Irish immigrants, who arrived in America in the 1730s. Artifacts such as arrowheads are still found in the rich soil, proof that the land was originally occupied by Native Americans who followed herds of buffalo to the area and settled there long before Cabarrus or the man for whom the town is named after even existed.

Tourists and locals alike enjoy visiting Reed’s Goldmine, and other historic buildings and landmarks in the area. Cabarrus is also in the center of NASCAR country. Fans and industry supporters take pride in the Lowes Motor Speedway venue, as well as being home to NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, who was born in Kannapolis. Events like The Sprint All-Star Race Coca-Cola 600 and Bank of America 500 bring fans from all over the country to contribute to the fame and economy of this southern county.

The population of Cabarrus County grew immensely between 1980 and now, and it is easy to see why. With its laid back atmosphere, a flourishing economy, and all the amenities of a modern urban community, Harrisburg is an exciting, gratifying place to live.

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